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OPEN Classes: Studio Policies 2017-2018

These policies are to help with the safety of students, help the studio function in an efficient manner, and, above all, provide students with an unparalleled dance experience.

Parents, please review the policies with your child. This document outlines requirements each student will be held to during their entire duration of dancing with Captivating Dance by Nona.

Registration/Enrollment for OPEN studio classes

All parents or legal guardians of students and students 18 years or over must fill out and complete the registration/enrollment form, Liability Waiver, and acknowledge understanding of this document before the student is allowed to participate in class. Every fall, all families will be asked to complete new forms.

There is a non-refundable, $40.00 registration fee due at the time of enrollment each fall.

Please notify us as soon as possible with any changed information to your enrollment packet (contact information [phone, email], emergency information, medical status, etc.)


If you would like to try an OPEN class before enrolling, you may do so at $22 per class. You will still be required to fill out an enrollment and liability release form before you can participate.

Monthly tuition is due on the 1st day of every month. It is considered late if not paid by the 10th day of the month. There will be a $20 late fee applied to your account on the 11th day of the month. No exceptions. Tuition is non-refundable.

You are responsible for all monthly tuition for each month from August 2017 – May 2018, unless you have given us a 30-day written notice to withdraw from class(s).

Full monthly tuition is due regardless of any missed classes. Monthly tuition rates remain the same whether it is a long month or short month.

Our OPEN studio classes culminate in an end of the year dance recital in May. There are no OPEN studio classes following this May recital. We do not accept new students after February, as students will be taught the dance routines for the recital in the months of Feb-May.

Please pay tuition by using AutoDraft. This is the best way for us to track payments made and the easiest way to keep you’re your account from becoming past due. There is a $30 fee for returned checks due to the bank fees incurred by Captivating Dance by Nona. There will not be a statement or bill given to you monthly for tuition unless your account is past due or we have received a non-sufficient payment. Student accounts need to be current in order for student to participate in the recital(s).

If tuition is not received for 2 consecutive months, the student will not be allowed to participate in class or any activities with Captivating Dance by Nona until the student’s account is no longer past due. After 3 months of non-payment, the student’s enrollment will be terminated. All private lessons must be paid in full, before a lesson begins.

Attendance/Drop Off & Pick-Up Policy

Attendance is taken at each class. Good attendance is imperative, as absences and tardiness can hold back an entire class. The studio can’t jeopardize its responsibilities to the rest of the class for one student.

If you miss a class you will not receive a credit or refund, however, as a courtesy, you will be able to makeup the missed class within 2 weeks of the missed class(s). You must contact the studio to arrange a make-up class.

If a student must miss a class or will be late for any reason, the student (or parent) must communicate this to the appropriate instructor before the scheduled class begins.

If we need to cancel class for any reason, we will reschedule the cancelled class within 30 days of the cancelled class.

If within the first 15 minutes of any given class, no students (non-CDBN competition dancers) arrive, the instructor has the right to cancel the class for OPEN students.

Please be prompt in dropping off and picking up your student. Students must be no later than 5 minutes to class or they may not be granted permission to attend that class. Students must be picked up no later that 10 minutes after class. Please notify the studio if you cannot get your student to or from class on time. Continued lateness may result in termination of a student’s enrollment. This applies to rehearsals and performances.

For your child’s safety, ensure your student is with an instructor and in a lesson before leaving.

Termination of or Withdrawal from Class(s)

If you drop or withdraw from a class for any reason, a full month’s notice must be given to the studio (in writing or by email). If you choose to withdraw from any class in the middle of the month, you will still be charged for the entire month. A full month’s notice will apply to the next month and you will be responsible for the total for that month.

Students who withdraw from classes will not receive a refund on production fees and costumes. Students who are dropped from class by studio due to failure of payment will not receive a refund on production fees and costumes.

Low enrollment classes may be cancelled or combined with another class at the discretion of the studio. Captivating Dance reserves the right to refuse service and terminate enrollment.

Dress Code/ Costume Policy

Students must dress accordingly to each class. Please no baggy clothes, zippers, or buckles. Proper shoes need to be worn. Hair must be pulled back from face and off neck. No jewelry of any kind should be worn to and in class. Student may not be able to participate if not in required dancewear. Repeated failure to wear required dancewear could result in termination of student’s enrollment. Students should wear proper cover-ups to and from class.

Costumes are not included in tuition. They will range from $68-$175 per costume per class. If fees are not paid on time, we cannot promise that the student will get their costume(s) in time before planned show or event. Additional fees to costume manufacturer due to late payments will be passed on to student and is the student’s/parent’s responsibility. Full costumes must be worn to all dress rehearsals unless specified by instructor.

Social Media

Today, social networking is such a huge part of our lives, for both adults and children. CDBN wants to do whatever it can to keep our dancers safe, including from actions resulting from the use of social media. Please follow our simple guideline:

Any pictures taken at the CDBN dance studios and/or CDBN attended events can only be posted on the CDBN Facebook page* unless you have explicit permission from the dancer and/or their parents (especially of our younger dancers) to post on other sites. *Nona monitors the CDBN Facebook page.

Dancers must remember that families have different rules for internet/social networking usage. Many parents do NOT want their children’s pictures or statements/tags referencing their child on the Internet. Please be mindful and respectful of other people’s privacy.

In addition, remember that you represent CDBN and its reputation, especially when at the studio, competitions, conventions, or anytime you are wearing CDBN dance attire. To that end, be mindful of your conduct.

General Policies

Parents are responsible for monitoring siblings not in lessons. If a student has time between classes and is not being picked up or with a parent during that time, they must wait quietly. They may do homework or watch class, but are not to disrupt class or leave studio without signed waiver by parent or legal guardian.

No Food or Drink is allowed inside studio, except water. No gum chewing is allowed. Cell phones need to be silenced in the studio. No talking on cell phones in studio unless permission is given from instructor. Classes are closed to onlookers. If you would like to view a class, classes will be open for viewing during the last week of each month.

It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure their student has proper attire and bottle of water for every class.

Captivating Dance by Nona is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged personal property. PLEASE LABEL all your dancer’s belongings: Shoes, dance attire, outerwear, water bottles, etc. Proper language and good behavior are required at all times by students, family members, instructors, and staff members. If a student is disruptive or disrespectful their parent or guardian will be contacted and asked to have them pick their dancer up from the studio.

If improper language or improper behavior (disrespecting peers, property, instructors, staff members, gossip, talking in class, etc.) is considered to be a problem according to the instructor, the student’s enrollment may be terminated. Termination of student’s enrollment is at the owner’s discretion and prior notice is not required.

A student’s enrollment may be terminated if they or one of their family members refuses to cooperate with the guidelines set forth by Captivating Dance by Nona or if a student or one of their family member creates a negative scene for our students, instructors, staff, and/or other family members.

Students will be placed in class according to their age and ability. There may be class changes as the season progresses. These alterations are for the benefit of the student, so they can get the most out of their training.

Any choreography learned by a student is sole property of the studio. Permission must be granted by the studio for a student to use studio choreography at any venue where the member is not with the studio or acting on behalf of the studio.

CDBN Release

Dancing is a strenuous activity from which injuries could arise. Captivating Dance by Nona, staff, and employees are NOT LIABLE for personal injuries, loss of, or damage to personal property. Each student may decline to participate in any activity. Please inform the instructor of any physical limitations you may have. If you are in doubt as to your physical abilities, please consult your physician before participating. Captivating Dance by Nona can not dispense of aspirin or other medication.

In the event of an emergency, Captivating Dance by Nona is authorized to secure emergency medical treatment which you will be responsible for. CDBN retains the right to use photos and or video in any way they see fit without compensation. CDBN has the right to charge any credit cards signed up for auto payment or card left for delinquent accounts. All payments are final and non refundable. The views of Captivating Dance by Nona may not be the views of all affiliated sponsors. I have read and understand all studio policies. If your child is under the age of 18 you will explain this release to your child.

Studio Holidays 2017-2018

  • Labor Day: September 4th, 2017
  • Thanksgiving Break: Wednesday, November 22nd through Sunday, November 26th
  • Winter Break: Wednesday, December 20th through Sunday January 7th, 2018
  • Presidents Day: Monday, February 19-24 2018 (TEAM ONLY) Open classes 19th only
  • Spring Break: Monday, April 9th through Sunday, April15th, 2018

There are no refunds for missed classes due to studio holidays. Please make up the class you will miss.

Please note: From Monday, August 28th to Tuesday, December 19th, there are 17 weeks (4 months 1 week of tuition) therefore December is full month tuition. From January 8th to Friday May 18th, there are 19 weeks. (4 months 3 weeks of tuition) therefore May is full month tuition. The recital will be May 2018 at Menlo-Atherton Performing Arts Theater.


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